Welcome to White Flag Publishing


We started as a self-publishing enterprise in 2000.


The business grew to become a publishing company where the provision for quality literature became the focus of our interest. Our services include: publishing consultancy services that facilitate the successful delivery of material designed to stimulate market interest.


White Flag Publishing specialize in the following genres:


1) Business and Professional Development

2) Sci-Fi - Fantasy and Popular Science

3) Fiction and Creative Writing

4) Religion and Spiritual Development


A Resource Centre for entrepreneurs has also been set up to assist in business start-up.

Main Feature - Epic Fail


Epic Fail by Thomas E. Christopher


This book examines how biased presumption, within science, is (ultimately) leading to the demise of science - and why there is so much anti-science in the world today.


Epic Fail explores the history of science from the ancient times to modern times.