Future Science Today


Science fiction and fantasy is a, somewhat, laboured genre within publishing: primarily because the mass market prefers to reminisce in nostalgia or engage in the dynamics of modern settings. That said... there are plenty of enthusiasts who enjoy peering into the future with a vested interest in cultivating a sense of adventure into the unknown.


Setting The Scene


Science Fiction: Future or Science Themed Events

Fantasy Fiction: Other or Extra-Dimensional Worlds

Science Non-Fiction: Science and Technology


Where there is no clear distinction between the two: we simply call it Science Fiction Fantasy - and we love this kind of story as much as our readers do.

Section Feature - Epic Fail by Thomas E. Christopher


This book explores the history of science from the ancient times to modern times with insights into what has caused the rise of anti-science.


E-Book Edition: Epic Fail


Epic Fail elucidates solutions that resolve the issues of anti-science in the world today.