Spiritual Development


The culture we live in today is one of seeking to effect tolerance toward the various religions: even when people, who claim to understand scripture, perform unimaginable crimes.


Small wonder then, the world is full of people who, seek peace of mind and true love, will often turn to scripture or science (or both) for answers - when they feel disillusioned by doctrines within the religions.


Is There A Definitive Answer?


Many of the world religions share the same themes - such as, 'love one another,' or, 'do unto others as you would have others do unto you,' but doubters cast a weary eye on the wisdom available in ancient writing -: because they often attribute the problems they see, in the world, to religion.


If the answers were not available... surely it would be futile to even search.

Section Feature - Kingdom of Truth by Abigrael Halo-Hymn


E-Book Edition: Kingdom of Truth (Free Download) Paperback Edition (Amazon Link)


Kingdom of Tuth is an introduction to the way God has revealed himself to mankind and the means by which He has decreed the advancement of man in His image.


Kingdom of Truth has inspired a Facebook Page and a Website (On-Line Resource Centre).