Creative Writing


Fiction is a popular genre because it enables the reader to identify with settings that could easily transpire in their daily lives. Such is the demand for connectivity in the psyche.


The industry has, since the times of Homer, introduced a split in the way titles are presented:


Poetry - which inspire enthusiasts to elevate the soul.

Prose - which establishes a story of engaging complexity.


The Illiad, by Homer for example, is considered poetry - but Homer would not have been aware his work would, later, be considered poetry. His style was poetic in nature and his novel reflected this.


Today, writers are encouraged - by competent publishers - to ensure their work is easy to read.

Section Feature - Snow Wonder by Jessica Jackson-James


The wonder of snow and, of course, nature in general.


E-Book Edition: Snow Wonder


Jessica also maintains a Creative Writing community on Facebook for aspiring authors to learn the skills required for enhanced storytelling and novel writing.